HANGZHOU, China–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Rokid launched its first global AR application development competition on September 15th, seeking AR application developers from across the world.

The 1st worldwide AR application development competition is hosted by Rokid, in partnership with Cocos, the world leading real-time 3D engine, and Agora, the leading video, voice and live interactive streaming platform. They intend to motivate developers to build more XR apps and games using Rokid’s open features and platform services, Cocos 3D engine, and Agora RTE services. This creative activity will provide XR users a more diverse, high-quality, and distinctive experience and fuel its ecological success.

Faced with a booming XR industry, the market will continue to see robust demand growth in 2022 and it is expected to contribute $1.5 trillion to the global GDP.

Although application developers are still in the minority, they face a number of challenges, such as a shortage of talent, high barriers to entry in terms of technology, and a lack of sharing platforms. This competition aims to reduce industry barriers, enhance XR content, and help more people become XR application developers to promote global development.

The competition with the highest prize of 50,000 RMB, while developers can also get investment opportunities from Rokid’s 1 billion-scale AR ecological intelligent investment alliance, traffic promotion from bilibili “Tech Hunter” event, a free Rokid Air development prototype (first come, first served) or 500 RMB to buy subsidy coupons, official publicity and promotion support from Rokid, Cocos, Agora and other companies.

Award-winning applications included in the Rokid Air app store may get assistance from marketing resources, and premium apps can be free from commissions for six months. The university group’s winning individuals and teams will also get the chance to visit Rokid to study, communicate face-to-face with Rokid’s founder and CEO Misa, and receive internship possibilities.

International AR application developers may find Rokid Air on Discord and join the group for further event details! For further event details, please follow Rokid’s official public account or click the following images:

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Chris Chen