Woojer’s patented haptic wearables elevate music, gaming and entertainment immersion to unprecedented levels. Pre-orders available starting September 13, 2022 for a limited time.

ATLANTA–(BUSINESS WIRE)–#audio–Woojer today announces pre-orders of its captivating Series 3 haptic wearables that deliver the true feeling of sound, changing the way games, music and entertainment intensifies our sensations. The new Woojer Vest™ and Strap™ Series 3 are more powerful, lighter and more configurable than previous generations. Wireless output to Bluetooth headsets is now supported with up to 7.1 channel surround sound (when paired with the vest’s upcoming add-on hub) in a more fashionable and personalizable product line.

Our mind, ears and body are incredibly sensitive instruments. Woojer’s precise audio-based haptics work right out of the box with an advanced DSP algorithm to detect the sound type and its direction as encoded in the audio stream. The Woojer device then replicates the sound to a feeling onto your body to a single location if you are using the Strap, and to six unique locations if you are wearing the Vest. This Powerful and Accurate™ haptic feedback catapults multimedia experiences such as music listening and competitive gaming to another dimension. Virtually any analog, digital, and now wireless connections are supported.

The new Strap and Vest are visually more appealing and as complementary accessories, promise to make the very next mission or game stream that much more special. With a variety of style sets, you can combine your favorite belt & ring style, pattern, and even camo of the Strap 3. Using the companion Woojer app, users can connect, adjust settings and even customize the color of the RGB LED on the Strap’s ring, creating unique looks to fit different styles and moods. All color and licensed variations can be found on www.woojer.com.

“The new Series 3 Vest and Strap were both redesigned from the ground up. No detail was overlooked. From the new Osci TRX2 transducers to every single material and skin, it was carefully crafted to deliver rich, high quality and accurate haptics. There’s nothing else in its league,” said Kfir Bar-Levav, CEO of Woojer.

Pre-orders for the Woojer Series 3 open September 13 at www.woojer.com for a limited time only, with shipments beginning mid-November 2022. The Strap Series 3 has an MSRP starting from $179, or users can opt for the full body experience with the Vest Series 3 at $499.

About Woojer

Woojer is a pioneer in the field of haptic technology, and the global leader in wearable haptics since 2010. Woojer is first and foremost a technology company that is built around the unique patented idea of a silent, Powerful and Accurate™ transducer called Osci™. It was invented by Mor Efrati, the company’s CTO, with the help of the Bar-Levav brothers – Kfir and Noam – who act as the CEO and COO of the company respectively. With a fundamental patent portfolio, Woojer products deliver high-fidelity tactile sensations to reproduce the rich emotion of sound. Woojer’s team of enthusiasts, developers, artists, gamers and engineers understand the intertwined relationship between sound, vision, emotion, and immersion. Woojer – Born to feel™.


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