Releases a new marksman ‘Gumi’ as the 29th legend

Launches of special package products

SEOUL, South Korea–(BUSINESS WIRE)–#5minlab–On August 30th, KRAFTON Inc. (KRX: 259960) (CEO Changhan Kim)’s independent studio, 5minlab (CEO Moonhyoung Park), announced that their real-time PvP action game SMASH LEGENDS will release ‘Gumi’ through the update.

As the 29th legend, Gumi is a marksman who attacks enemies with sorcery with a fan, and it causes damage by fire and wind.

If players purchase Smash Pass Regular Season ‘Chapter 4: After Work Magic Girl?’ that starts with the new update, they will get Gumi as a reward if they get to stage 10.

In addition, special package products such as “10x Jewelry Package” and “14-Day Daily Gem Package” will also be released. The “10x Jewelry Package” is a product that allows players to purchase 200 gems at the price of 20 gems, and the “14-Day Daily Gem Package” is a product that allows players to acquire 15 gems every day for 14 days after obtaining 210 gems for the first time.

For more information about the update, please visit our official website and check in the game.

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Hyunjin Choi