offers an equitable game platform for smaller development teams, so that they don’t get drowned out by big triple A studios

WASHINGTON–(BUSINESS WIRE)–, a browser game marketplace built on the Solana blockchain, launched their closed beta earlier this week. The platform empowers independent game developers to sell their games without high commission fees, and enables users to play any game from any computer or phone browser.

By storing game ownership on the Solana blockchain, intends to upend the current monopolistic control over games sales by players such as Steam, Xbox, Apple, and PlayStation, and to better support indie game developers. has raised over 4 million dollars from General Catalyst, Entrée Capital, Luno Expeditions, and others. stores the records of who owns what games on the Solana blockchain. They chose Solana for its environmentally friendly approach and vision for an efficient, unified blockchain.

Kyle Zappitell, Bash’s CEO and founder, and former Xbox engineer explained, “The game sales market is completely dominated by a few big players who use their dominance to impart huge fees, leaving many developers with nothing. This also creates an unequal playing field when the largest, most well-funded publishers get the best placements in these stores. As a result, Indie games, which lead creativity in gaming, are left with a lack of exposure and thus lack funding and support.” is an indie focused platform that supports both gamers and game developers. With the power of game streaming and WebGL, enables users to play any game within their browser, on any device. Additionally, by enabling the trading and reselling of games, cuts down on the cost-related risk for gamers leading gamers to be more willing to take a chance on buying a game, and empowering indie developers to create more.

Game developers save over 50% on platform fees compared to other game stores, and all resold games on generate 10% in royalties that are given to the developer to help support further development.

Gamers own their games – accessible on any device – a truly open games store. Not only that, but Bash games have no downloading required. is currently looking to feature the best indie games on their platform. Join the waitlist or launch your game today at


Anam Zahra