Popular AR Glasses Rokid Air takes a slice out of the North American Market

HANGZHOU, China–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Leading AR company Rokid has taken advantage of Amazon Prime Day deals to sell its consumer-grade AR glasses, the Rokid Air resulting in a push into the North American market. With the Prime Day event over, Rokid is aiming to promote their Rokid Air to a wider range of consumers.

The Rokid Air are the first pair of consumer-grade AR devices launched by Rokid under $500. With a weight of only 83g, the glasses are light and foldable, with built-in voice interaction, and the capability to control the device through a mobile app. The Rokid Air are myopia-friendly, fitting for people with myopia of -5.00 D without wearing myopia glasses or contact lenses. The Rokid Air offer great scalability and are compatible with smartphones, computers, and other devices such as the PlayStation, Xbox, and Switch. The glasses provide users with high-definition movies, games, office and educational applications, and other visual experiences at anytime, anywhere.

In August 2021, the crowdfunding campaign for Rokid Air was launched on Kickstarter with a target of $20,000. The campaign reached its goal in less than an hour after its launch, and had raised a total of $691,684 by the time the campaign ended. The glasses continued to be sold on Indiegogo Indemand and as of July 2022, had generated $1,230,950 in sales.

The successful campaign accelerated Rokid’s expansion into major global e-commerce platforms such as Amazon, Tmall, and JD.com. During the 618 shopping event in China, the Rokid Air glasses were the best-selling AR glasses on Chinese platforms (data from Tmall AR category sales rankings and JD.com AR smart glasses GMV ranking). In terms of global market presence, the Rokid Air are already available on Amazon USA, Amazon Japan, and will land on Amazon Europe too. Rokid has also built an offline sales network in countries in Eastern Europe and the Pacific. According to reports, Rokid intends to expand further in markets such as North America, Europe, Japan, and South Korea. The outstanding sales figures during Amazon Prime Day is an important milestone in the company‚Äôs expansion into the North American market.

In addition to expanding its global sales network, Rokid is also making efforts to establish its content ecosystem. Previously, Rokid announced the launch of its Space Station Developer Support Plan, which would provide assistance to all of the developers, such as free hardware samples, algorithms, technical support, marketing promotions, and funding for premium content. In conjuction Rokid has also established a $150 million investment alliance with other leading enterprises and VCs in the industry to provide investments for outstanding developers, and to empower content ecosystems. Currently, the Rokid app store features a large number of apps, with a variety of content, such as videos, social apps, live streaming apps, games and so on. Featuring different genre of games with popular titles such as EndSpace, Reflex Unit 2, Zooma, PartyOn, and Bacon Roll.


Chris Chen