• The 27th legend, fighter character Molly, has arrived with the update
  • New ‘Team Touchdown’ mode was added to the game


SEOUL, South Korea–(BUSINESS WIRE)–#5minlabKRAFTON, Inc. (KRX: 259960)’s independent studio, 5minlab, revealed that it added a new legend, Molly to the real-time PvP action game SMASH LEGENDS in the update released June 7th.

The 27th legend joining the character roster is Molly. This fighter legend uses gauntlets to deal heavy blows to enemies and boasts unique melee skills including counterattack abilities. Molly can be purchased in the store using credits or gems, and a special quest activated upon the purchase offers time-limited effects and emojis as rewards.

Furthermore, the update introduces the new ‘Team Touchdown’ mode. In this new mode, the team that gets the escorted target to the destination before the opposing team is named the winner. ‘Team Touchdown’ mode is a strategic renewal of the ‘Escort’ mode that was available only in Arena Lab, but thanks to huge popularity among users, it was formally added as a mode that can be played at any time.

Starting with the ‘Duo Touchdown’ released on June 7th, ‘Runaway Train’, ’Bomb War’ and ‘Mine Laboratory’ will be consecutively added each Tuesday to introduce a total of four modes. The addition of special rules to existing modes such as ‘Team Deathmatch’ should present a new dimension of fun.

A Credit Hot Time event that offers double credits when playing the game during certain hours will also be held in June. Smashers will be able to obtain extra credit for 24 hours each week for a total of four weeks.

Detailed information about the update can be found on SMASH LEGENDS’ official website and the game.

*Credit Hot Time Event Schedule


Date (UTC+0)

Week 1

June 10 (Fri) 07:00 – June 11 (Sat) 07:00

Week 2

June 15 (Wed) 07:00 – June 16 (Thu) 07:00

Week 3

June 24 (Fri) 07:00 – June 25 (Sat) 07:00

Week 4

June 29 (Wed) 07:00 – June 30 (Thu) 07:00

SMASH LEGENDS Official Website: https://smashlegends.com/

SMASH LEGENDS YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/SMASHLEGENDS

SMASH LEGENDS Discord: https://discord.com/channels/691836763890647120/694409158694273055

SMASH LEGENDS Library: https://en.smashlegendslib.com/




Hyunjin Choi