SEOUL, South Korea–(BUSINESS WIRE)–#Anima–Beautiful girls have stepped forward to save humanity from a crisis. ‘Anima of Quantmix,’ a collection-type RPG, has been launched today worldwide.

Animals and humans tie, the birth of Anima, a beautiful girl collection-type strategy RPG

It is a game where a user becomes a Master, collects and grows Animas, and enjoys battles in order to save humanity from danger with charming pretty girl characters.

Animas are the saviors of mankind, newly born by synthesizing human and animal strengths such as intelligence and wild characteristics just before the extinction of mankind.

The charm of Animas expressed with beautiful graphics and cute Animas with their SD characters!

Masters can enjoy the game by acquiring and growing Animas, perfecting their own battle strategies, and following the story to save the world. Animas are divided into attack, defense, and support types, so if a user makes good use of them, the user can create his/her own powerful teams.

In ‘Anima of Quantmix’, users can enjoy the beautiful illustrations of a total of 40 types of Animas and feel the joy of playing with SD characters that take advantage of their special features during battles.

Enjoy the game and benefit from a QuantFi integration!

In ‘Anima of Quantmix’, users can acquire Anima Points by taking daily missions, completing each stage, getting achievements, and participating in Arenas. With the acquired points, users can try various content, such as making an Anima more powerful in the game or purchasing tickets to participate in the Arena. It is also possible to withdraw assets out of the game by integration with the QuantFi service.

In QuantFi, users can receive Quantbook Governance Tokens so that they can determine the business direction of the Quantbook. Besides this, Quantbook tokens can be swapped with governance tokens. Quantbook was created to make the investment data market transparent and to establish an efficient investment process based on blockchain. Quantbook is listed on Coinone.

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