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NEW YORK--(BUSINESS WIRE)--#DrumKickstarter--The musical instrument manufacturer ©MOPLAY announced that it has launched its ‘MOPLAY SMART DRUM D3’ on Kickstarter.

The MOPLAY SMART DRUM D3 is an electrical drum that teaches drumming like a rhythm game with SMART software installments. This unique drum set allows beginners and users of all ages to enjoy drumming with ease. Also, it only takes up 47.24” x 47.24” of space and is easy to install.

The snares/ highs/ lows/ floor toms are designed with mesh color pads and installed with smart software. When selecting the song the user wants to play, the screen of the tablet starts dropping color bars with the rocking tunes. All the user has to do is beat the pads according to the beats and rhythm of the color bars. Using this practical but straightforward system, those who sat in front of the drum set for the first time would easily visualize drumming and that would eventually allow them to master the 68 basic patterns and highly complicated fill-ins.

Users can enjoy drumming with 3 different difficulties (easy / medium / hard) and 4 different speeds (1X / 2X / 4X / 8X). After playing, the user’s ranks will be displayed live. They will allow users to check their levels objectively and improve their skills by competing with other players. In addition, if the users want to reach higher levels, taking unlimited 1:1 lessons by interacting with online lesson instructors is also possible. These will all be included in the USD 549 package.

With the MOPLAY SMART DRUM D3’s pre-packaged earbuds, users can drum all night long without worrying about any noise complaints. Its noise-balanced sounds and actual acoustic drum pedals bring the realistic drumming experience to life. Constantly updating 10 songs on a monthly basis is another unique merit of this product.

More details about the MOPLAY SMART DRUM D3 can be found on MOPLAY’s official homepage on Kickstarter (