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Predictive Games Create New Ways to Interact on Websites

SAN MATEO, Calif.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--VersusGame, a global entertainment prediction gaming app, announces its partnership with Consumable, Inc., allowing publishers to keep consumers on their website while they interact and play new predictive games in the form of digital ads.

This partnership is the first of its kind, pairing premium, fun and engaging bite-sized content with digital ads. Consumable advertises with more than 200 publishers and serves more than 15 billion interactive ad units each month. The initial launch features games from top content creators on VersusGame, including Cameron Dallas, Bryce Hall, and Josh Richards.

“Consumable offers a snapshot of the hottest trending entertainment content, and our partnership with VersusGame allows consumers to directly interact with top influencers and celebrities through predictive gaming,” said Mark Levin, CEO of Consumable.

On average, Consumable generates 20 times engagement above industry benchmarks. With VersusGame, consumers can use their knowledge of pop culture trends to bet with microtransactions on these new digital ads.

“VersusGame has always been about content creation, and we’re excited to partner with Consumable so that we can create another form of revenue for publishers,” said John Vitti, CEO of VersusGame.

VersusGame’s partnership with Consumable will allow the app to reach a broader audience, marrying content with monetization, to keep users engaged longer while delivering revenue to publishers.


VersusGame is a global entertainment pop culture gaming app where users can put money on trending topics about celebrities, pop culture, sports, entertainment, food, and more. This app is the first of its kind to bring power to the masses and allow consumers to capitalize on their knowledge of mainstream culture. Since its launch in 2019, VersusGame has grown significantly, with over $16 Million in cash prizes ($4 Million of that during the “COVID-19 Era”) to more than 7 million players.


Consumable is an ad technology platform that elevates the digital display advertising experience for consumers, advertisers and publishers by combining exclusive premium content and monetization within the IAB display experience. Consumable has transformed the standard for engagement with online advertising by understanding consumable short-form content users love.


Alexa Lampasona