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DALLAS--(BUSINESS WIRE)--When entrepreneur and poker aficionado Rob Huxley envisioned creating a new app that would effectively change the way consumers enjoyed playing online skill-based games such as poker, he immediately turned to Dallas-based digital leader Shokworks to create his first app. Shokworks brought that vision to life in High Speed Hands, a skill-based game available on the Skillz platform.

Based on the TV pilot Poker Showdown, High Speed Hands is a simple poker-based skill game. Players must identify the best poker hand from four available choices. The player who identifies the winning hand fastest wins.

To create the unique gaming experience, Shokworks drew upon its proprietary X/R and gaming studio. This unique team of top developers is based out of Shokworks’ offices in Santiago, Chile, and incorporates designers around the globe. This team has unique competencies focusing upon mobile app building.

Together with Rob Huxley and our partners at Domiyes, we partnered to create the premiere poker game on the Skillz platform,” explained Shokworks CEO and founder Alejandro Laplana.

Skillz is one of the most innovative online multiplayer competition platforms. Companies such as Shokworks use platforms like Skillz to offer mobile games.

Huxley was particularly proud of the results.

2020 was hard on all of us, but without pressure, we wouldn't have diamonds. My diamond of 2020 is my first app, High Speed Hands,” shared Huxley. “Alejandro Laplana supported my vision to bring skill-based games to the market back in 2019, and his team at Shokworks created something much more than what I anticipated.”

Shokworks has an impressive history of creating innovative and immersive gaming experiences. They recently partnered with Rivals Media to launch a sports gamification platform engaging fans to participate while raising funds for non-profits.

High Speed Hands is free to play and can be found on both Google Play and the App Store.


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