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NEW YORK--(BUSINESS WIRE)--#Digital--Universal Gamers Amateur Association (UGAA), an innovative leader in career focused online education that combines STEM programs with eSports league gaming, is pleased to announce that it has added Ugo Mozie as an online curriculum partner for a course that explores cultural diversity and social awareness.

Ugo Mozie is a top celebrity stylist, fashion activist, and creative entrepreneur. Ugo has styled and created iconic looks for celebrities such as Stevie Wonder, Justin Bieber, Travis Scott and Maluma, to name a few. Ugo will offer UGAA courses in cultural diversity to show how we can change the global narrative surrounding inclusion, sustainability, and black history.

Ugo Mozie stated, "UGAA is the program I dreamed of when I was in school. The opportunity to learn about culture from leaders in the space disrupts the whole education experience for the better.”

Brian Kenny, UGAA CMO said, “Our UGAA mission is to close the digital divide and correct digital disparity. Ugo Mozie's course helps us do this by providing the type of content relevant to today's discussions. The course will focus on creativity and fashion as a reflection of cultural and social forces."

UGAA’s Founder and Chairman of the Board Mitch Richmond stated, “We are very excited about being able to create this course with Ugo because of the importance of the subject matter, but also given the timeliness of where we are in our world today. We believe it is important for us to reimagine education so we can best prepare the next generation to make their mark on the world."

About UGAA

The UGAA program provides STEM, educational, leadership, and life skills courses with an eSport gaming component to school districts nationwide. The Company taps into both the massive eSport market and the educational STEM market through its existing global Learning Management System.

"UGAA, our founders, board members, management team, and investors are committed to ending Digital Disparity. Our online educational curriculum, career oriented classes, online platform, and gaming league are all focused on underserved educational communities and working to close the gap in the Digital Divide in our lifetimes."

Patrick Kenny - CEO UGAA


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