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NEW YORK--(BUSINESS WIRE)--#STEM--Universal Gamers Amateur Association (UGAA), a leader in innovative, online education curriculum, has announced its partnership with Yellowbrick, whose mission is to inspire the next generation to pursue careers that align to their talents and passions. Partnering with respected universities and brands, Yellowbrick creates learning experiences focused on growing, global industries including Fashion, Sports Business, Sneakers, Music, Beauty, and more.

“At Yellowbrick, we’re focused on helping young people and adults get their foot on the career ladder in industries that exude passion,” says Dion Walcott, Yellowbrick’s VP of Brand Partnerships. “Our Gaming and Esports Industry Essentials program, co-created with FIT, is an especially great fit for UGAA’s vast community of excited young gamers, and the community will have access to our other programs as well. This partnership will help both organizations pursue our shared mission to create learning opportunities and career explorations nationwide.”

The partnership will put Yellowbrick’s proven educational approach in front of thousands of students who come to UGAA for gaming, community, courses, and STEM instruction. UGAA is not only about bringing people together through gaming - the organization is devoted to helping develop life skills. The slate of Yellowbrick programming that will now be available will help students explore passions and develop clearer visions for their futures.

Brian Kenny, Chief of Business Development and Co-Founder of UGAA said, “In a world where information is free, and everyone has a calculator, and google on their phone in their pocket at all times, it’s important that students learn to specialize in skills that are going to matter to them in their future. Our courses - with relevant content - stand a far better chance of being consumed and retained by students, as they will be excited to learn from industry veterans like longtime Esports competitor ‘Tasty’ Steve Scott and Rockstar Games’ Sanford Santacroce.”

“Our organization started with a focus in the gaming world, but since the start of the pandemic, we’ve discovered that our communities need impactful resources in other areas of interest as well,” added Kenny. “It’s important that students learn to specialize in skills that will benefit them in the future, and we’re thrilled to partner with Yellowbrick and provide so many great program options.”

“This partnership creates an amazing opportunity, bringing new and exciting educational prospects to students, allowing them to explore career paths that they would not easily have access to,” says Dejan Matic, COO and Co-Founder of UGAA. “Yellowbrick and UGAA courses bring top industry experts to an eager audience. We are excited about the partnership and look forward to cultivating new career paths for our students.”


Founded in 2019, UGAA works with organizations, schools, and other partners across the country to facilitate after school programs, e-gaming leagues, and competitive amateur tournaments for students of all ages. For more about UGAA, please visit


Yellowbrick’s mission is to empower the next generation of talent to achieve their calling by tapping into passion points that spark success, fuel personal advancement, and unlock doors to fulfilling careers. With integrated partnerships across top-tier educational institutions and brands, Yellowbrick courses and experiences put learners on a path toward careers in the industries they love. Find out more at


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