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Enjoy NTT Solmare’s exciting new game with over 60,000 pre-registrations on May 19, 2020!

OSAKA, Japan--(BUSINESS WIRE)--#MoeNinjaGirls--NTT Solmare Co., Ltd. (HQ: Osaka City, Chuo-ku, CEO: Akira Tomana. Hereafter referred to as NTT Solmare) has begun service for the English version of its role-playing game for men titled “Moe! Ninja Girls RPG” for iOS and Android on May 19, 2020.

The new “Moe! Ninja Girls RPG” will share the same world as the original game. Enjoy a new type of role-playing game as you go on quests and get to know 15 beautiful heroines!

The highly-anticipated RPG received outstanding support from Moe! Ninja Girls fans, receiving over 60,000 pre-registrations in two months (as of May 15, 2020)!

Pre-registration Presents

A pre-registration campaign for “Moe! Ninja Girls RPG” was started on March 26, 2020 for the Android version, and April 9, 2020 for the iOS version. Various gifts would be distributed to players depending on the total number of people who pre-registered.

  • 10,000 people: Creation Set (Enough for three creations!)
  • 20,000 people: Character Growth Item Set
  • 30,000 people: Oka Party Dress and Outfit Growth Item Set
  • 50,000 people: Three Creation Manuals 

The campaign being a resounding success, a 60,000 people goal was added and soon reached. As a result, everyone who has the game installed after the game is released will be given all the rewards up until the 50,000 people goal, as well as an additional three Creation Manuals and Express Creation Tickets for reaching the 60,000 people goal!

1. Game Overview

(1) Story

“I’m through with ninjas!”

Once known as the “Legendary Ninja,” you leave your past life behind for...

...beautiful girls, thrilling adventures, and days of dealing with morning lumber?!

(2) Features

  • Enjoy an elaborate story with over 600 chapters.
  • An intuitive and strategic real-time battle system.
  • A plethora of animations, pictures, and collectibles.
  • Spectacular Japanese voice acting by famous voice actors.

2. Accessibility 


: Moe! Ninja Girls RPG


: Free to play (Items are purchasable in-game)

・Release Date

: May 19, 2020 (Tuesday)


: English


: Japanese


: iOS 10.0 or later, Android 4.4 or later

*The app may not run properly on certain devices, including older devices.

- Android
*This link cannot be used through the Japanese store.
- iOS
*This link cannot be used through the Japanese store.

3. The Official Website and Social Media Accounts

The “Moe! Ninja Girls RPG” official website
The “Moe! Ninja Girls RPG” official Facebook page   Please Follow!
The ”Moe! Ninja Girls RPG” official Twitter page   Please Follow!
The “Moe! Ninja Girls RPG” official YouTube channel   Please Follow!

4. About NTT Solmare

NTT Solmare aims to enrich peoples’ lives by providing entertainment services such as “Comic C’Moa,” one of the nation’s biggest e-book services, as well as games including the “Shall we date?” series and “Moe! Ninja Girls.”
Official website:


For any inquiries, please contact us
NTT Solmare Co., Ltd.
Game Division: Ryota Kawabe, Takumi Nakata, Akiko Murakami
Telephone: +81-6-6228-8889