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NICE, France--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Following the announcement of an initial funding round of €5 million at the end of 2019, Nicecactus has taken yet another step forward in its global development by acquiring Glory4Gamers. The strategic alliance of these two esports experts provides 1 million users with an all-in-one solution, combining knowledge in training and skill development as well as in organizing both online and offline tournaments. Players, partners and B2B customers alike can now benefit from the comprehensive range of services of these two stakeholders.

Since the end of January 2020, Nicecactus and Glory4Gamers have combined their expertise and solutions with the ambition to further expand internationally. The G4G teams have joined the Nicecactus family to form a 70-person team. They are reinforcing the already successful model of tournaments and competitions with prize money for players of all levels. In addition, the offline B2B event package, which enables brands (sponsors and publishers) to run promotional campaigns among qualified audiences, will be developed to become one of the pillars of the Nicecactus offer.

An all-in-one platform for aspiring champions

Amateur or semi-professional players, members of the Glory4Gamers and platforms, will now benefit from a complete solution empowering them with the professional training method they need to reach their full potential and realize their dream of becoming champions. It ranges from tailor-made training sessions (tutorials and drills), to performance assessment and analysis tools, as well as daily competitions with prizes and even networking with professional players in the sector (sponsors, teams) for the most talented of them.

All players are also eligible for the Nicecactus Grassroots Esports Fund, a $1 million grant program, through which they can cover travel and accommodation expenses to participate in bootcamps at professional training locations or tournaments they have qualified for.

“The decision to acquire Glory4Gamers fits perfectly with our strategy to develop and strengthen our unique offer, which encompasses virtually all aspects of esports, from amateurs to semi-professional players, as well as companies wishing to address this highly qualified target audience,” explains Mike Hessabi, Founder & President of Nicecactus.

"The esports market is growing at breakneck speed, and we want more than ever to be at the heart of this ecosystem. Nicecactus approaches esports with an innovative vision and great ambitions. The combination of Glory4Gamers and Nicecactus felt obvious to us, as we have a very aligned vision and complementary skills," adds Cyril Chomette, CEO and Founder of Glory4Gamers.

About Nicecactus:

First ever all-encompassing esports platform, Nicecactus took root in the sun-bathed French Riviera. Its goal is to foster aspiring esports players who wish to unleash their gaming potential and master their game. Nicecactus provides them with a professional training method as well as all the tools they need to fulfill their dream of becoming champions. Players from all over the world are encouraged to give the best out of themselves, through a continued training program, a fined-tuned stats tracking system and the opportunity to compete in tournaments and make some cash out of their passion in a challenging and fun way. Its first-of-its-kind Nicecactus Grassroots Esports Fund rewards the best players for their talent and dedication by connecting them to the professional world.

About Glory4Gamers:

Founded in 2012, Glory4Gamers is a pioneer in amateur esports. Now the leading organizer of esports tournaments in France and 3rd in Europe, the platform holds more than 2,000 tournaments per month. Through its unique real-time refereeing component, Glory4Gamers promises its users a unique esports experience, in a fun and fair play environment, and with a human support close at hand.


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