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Major universities white label Mainline platform to host tournaments, and support and grow on-campus esports offerings

HOUSTON--(BUSINESS WIRE)--#collegeesports--Mainline, an esports tournament software and management company, today announced Texas A&M, University of Texas - Austin, Louisiana State University and the University of St. Thomas are utilizing Mainline software platform to host and grow their on-campus esports communities. The universities are licensing the platform to each host their own university-branded tournament sites, and verified students will be able to compete in school-sanctioned tournaments in game titles such as League of Legends, Rocket League, Smash and more.

“These are top universities seeing the value of esports on-campus and making a choice to support their students’ desires to play and compete - much like in traditional sports,” said Chris Buckner, Chief Executive Officer at Mainline. “Adoption of Mainline is validation of the opportunity to engage students and the broader community with a compelling esports platform, as well as strengthen a school’s brand, provide additional partnership opportunities and market their initiatives.”

Mainline provides colleges, universities, brands and organizations the ability to manage, monetize and market esports through white-labeled, hosted tournament sites. The company provides continuity, brand consistency and marketability through student, partner and community engagement, while providing customers continuity and consistency around tournaments for stronger programs.

“Mainline is continuing this collegiate momentum with another 10 powerhouse universities expected to come aboard our platform by the end of 2019, and 50 more by the spring 2020,” added Buckner.

Universities Tapping the Power of Mainline

Texas A&M partnered with Mainline in spring 2019, and has since expanded its use into 2020 and beyond. “Texas A&M recognizes the significant esports presence on campus and the importance of supporting this thriving student community. Mainline allows us to maintain the brand continuity of the university, and to drive incremental inventory and value for sponsors,” said Mike Wright, Director of Public Relations and Strategic Communications at Texas A&M Athletics.

The University of Texas - Austin is currently running two tournaments on Mainline: Rocket League and League of Legends. In collaboration with the Longhorn Gaming Club, the organizations are awarding winning teams. “Texas has had a long established esports community on campus, and our partnership with Mainline will enable us to more closely work with Longhorn Gaming to better support this audience to benefit our students and partners,” Mike Buttersworth, Director of the Center for Sports Communication and Media at The University of Texas - Austin.

Louisiana State University is running an esports Rocket League qualifying tournament on Mainline’s platform to select a three-student team to represent the school at the inaugural “Power Five Esports Invitational” in New York in January 2020. “This kind of tournament is a first for our campus, and Mainline is making it easy for us to be able to host this qualifying tournament for our students to ultimately represent our university at the Power Five Esports invitational,” said Robert Munson, Sr. Associate Athletics Director at Louisiana State University.

The University of St. Thomas began utilizing Mainline earlier this year to develop its esports program, and will soon begin utilizing Mainline's tournament platform in 2020 to run online tournaments for students.

About Mainline

Mainline is an esports tournament software and management company focused on providing customers with their own esports offerings. Based in Houston, TX, Mainline helps colleges and brands manage, monetize and market their esports programs and tournaments. For more information, visit and


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