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Here’s our top picks from the web this week, including our favorite gaming industry stories, interviews and reviews!

In South Africa, indie games really are punk rock
by Nick Cowen (@witenoyze)

Pirates of the airwaves: How Sega won the hearts and minds of a generation
by Damien McFerran (@DamienMcFerran)

Inside the Troubled Development of Star Citizen
by Julian Benson (@jBenson)

The Challenging Design of EVENT[0]’s Insecure AI
by Jay Egger (@JayEggr)

How Devolver Digital is redefining videogame publishing
by Steven Messner (@stevenmessner)

Goodbye Killzone: Horizon Zero Dawn And Guerrilla’s New Frontier
interview with Hermen Hulst by Ben Hanson (@yozetty)

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