We’ve compiled a list of some of our favorite gaming industry stories, interviews, and reviews from the week!  If you have an article that you’d like to include in a future highlight, email us at jandrews@gmail.com.

The Man Behind Mario Explains Nintendo’s New iPhone Game
interview with Shigeru Miyamoto by Matt Peckman (@mattpeckman)

What It’s Like to Work On a Video Game Flop
interview with Steven Ashley by Luke Winkie (@luke_winkie)

Designing for Intentional Play
interview with Jamin Warren by Jen Helms (@jenrhelms)

How long does it take games to be cheap on Steam?
by Matt Sayer (@sezonguitar)

Versus Evil: “We’re establishing a new brand every time”
interview with Steve Escalante by Matthew Handrahan (@MattHandrahan)

“My biggest nightmare is waking up and realising we’ve not failed in a year”
interview with Ilkka Paananen by Dan Pearson (@Danbojones)

What Approach Should Nintendo Take With Its NX Reveal
by Thomas Whitehead (@ThomasBW84)

How I Deal With Imposter Syndrome
by Steve Bailey (@IBasteEvenly)

Is There Room for Couch Co-Op in a World Obsessed with Online Multiplayer?
by Shonté Daniels (@JohnnyxH)

When infinity gets boring: What went wrong with No Man’s Sky
by Douglas Heaven (@strwbilly)

Dishonored 2’s director on giving Corvo a voice and avoiding the “Deus Ex Effect”
by James Davenport (@MY_beards)

Alone With You Review
by Simone de Rochefort (@doomquasar)

Why Last-Gen’s Downloadable Games Are So Great
by Doc Burford (@ForgetAmnesia)