[Data does not yet include 2015.]

The Game Developer Choice awards are peer accolades presented every year during the Game Developer Conference.  These are the top trending game companies and individuals to have received honors from 2000-2014.

Top Developers (Companies)

CHOICE Top 5 Developers

CHOICE Top 5 Devs Breakdown

Ubisoft has the most nominations (39) but shows a lower winning rate (12.82%) than several of the other top devs.  Nintendo has the highest winning rate (30.30%) out of the top five.  Sony Computer Entertainment, soon to be Sony Interactive Entertainment, has seen a remarkably low winning rate (4.76%) carrying 21 nominations, with only one win for Eye Toy: Play.

Valve Corporation has an incredibly high winning rate (57.89%) and enjoys more wins than any company in the top five most-nominated. Most of those wins are for Half-life 2, Portal, and Portal 2. Naughty Dog can attribute its winning rate of 50% to work done on The Last of Us and Uncharted 2: Among Thieves.

CHOICE Top 5 Developer Nominations

CHOICE Top 5 Developer Wins

Top Publishers

CHOICE Top 5 Publishers

Top 5 Publisher Breakdown

As publisher, Sony Computer Entertainment fares quite a bit better here. They have amassed a large proportion of nominations (89) and wins (26). SCE’s winnings spike in 2005, 2008, and 2012, which are the release years of Shadow of the Colossus, LittleBigPlanet, and Journey.

CHOICE Top 5 Publisher Nominations

CHOICE Top 5 Publisher Wins

Top Developers (Individuals)

CHOICE Top 5 Individuals

CHOICE Top 5 Individuals Breakdown

Leslie Benzies and Dan Houser, Rockstar Games legends, tie for first place in nominations with a winning rate of 25.00%. Both of their wins were for Grand Theft Auto III. Fumito Ueda, the creative mind behind fan-favorites ICO and Shadow of the Colossus, holds a very high winning rate (80.00%) from his five nominations and four wins.

CHOICE Top 5 Individuals Nominations

CHOICE Top 5 Individuals Wins