A condensed preview version of the “Defend Your Games” caucus event will be held at the LA Cosplay Con, 3pm June 13, 2015, in the Hyatt Regency Century Plaza. Tickets are sold online at lacosplaycon.com under the Register tab. Cosplayers are invited to marshal groups and whip votes.

Presenters include Bryan Scheidler [Good Nerd Bad Nerd], Melissa Howland [We Are Movie Geeks], Cliff Baldridge [SBARTSTV News], and Anastasia Washington [Jet Set Nerds].


Thomas Allen
President, NAVGTR


Bryan Scheidler
Editor-in-Chief, Good Nerd Bad Nerd

Melissa Howland
LA Editor, We Are Movie Geeks

Cliff Baldridge
News Director, SBARTSTV News

Anastasia Washington
Actress, Jet Set Nerds