The National Academy of Video Game Trade Reviewers Corporation has compiled tallies for the major industry awards.  Results are reported by game and by company either in a development role or publisher role.  DICE, Choice, and G.A.N.G. are awarded by peer groups, while NAVGTR is awarded by press.  VGX is awarded by a mix of industry peers and media advisors.


Uncharted 2 is the most nominated game (15) for the DICE Awards (AIAS) but ties with LIMBO for most nominations ever at the Game Developers Choice Awards.  Heavy Rain (18) is the most nominated by NAVGTR.  With 15 nods, Portal 2 is most nominated by VGX, formerly known as VGA on Spike TV.  The most nominated game at the G.A.N.G. Awards is God of War with 11 nominations.

The top 5 most nominated games among these five groups are Uncharted 2 (with 55), God of War (49), Red Dead Redemption (47), Uncharted 3 (also 47), and The Last of Us (46).  These games are closely followed by Bioshock (45), Portal 2 (45), Journey (39), and Gears of War (39).

The Last of Us scored the most wins at NAVGTR (15), making it the largest winner with that group.  The game is tied with Uncharted 2 for most DICE Award wins.  Bioshock (8) is the biggest winner in G.A.N.G. history.  Journey (6) leads the Choice Awards, while Portal 2 leads at VGX/VGA.

Combining the five groups, The Last of Us has the most wins (35), followed by Uncharted 2 (with 34).  With 26 wins each, Bioshock and Journey tie for the third most wins across the five groups.


By publisher, Sony holds the highest nomination and winner counts for NAVGTR, Choice, and GANG.  Sony also holds the highest nomination count under DICE, but there the top winner is Electronic Arts, which also has the highest nomination and winner count at VGX.  Across all five groups, Sony has over 1,000 nominations compared to 888 for EA.


By developer, Electronic Arts holds the high count for both nominations and wins under DICE, GANG, and VGX.  Under NAVGTR, Nintendo has the most developer wins while Ubisoft tops developer nominations.  At the Choice Awards, Ubisoft also has the most developer nominations, while Valve has the most developer wins.