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Going to PAX East?  Visit our “Will Win/Should Win” panel at 4:30pm Sunday March 24.  Here’s the official description:

“Developers and journalists discuss and handicap the NAVGTR Awards races with last-minute predictions just hours before the winners are announced in each category, in one of the weekend’s final panels.”

Moderated by Ken Gagne of PC World, guest panelists include Susan Arendt, editor-in-chief of The Escapist, Jesse Cox, co-host of the Gamestation podcast, Charles Battersby of, and Will Brierly of Snowrunner Productions and Soda Drinker Pro, downloaded by 10 million popheads.

Send us your thoughts on specific categories you want to highlight, comment on Facebook, tweet using the official award category hashtags, and share your blog on the nominations.

A weekend-long will-win-should-win bean poll on “Game of the Year” is planned for booth 1198 on the expo floor.