Best Press Awards

After surveying 830 members of the press, NAVGTR Corp. is exploring a new awards program honoring the best of critical writing, reporting, and reviewing in the game press. Current entries are being used to determine first year category demand and submission quality before the official announcement of the program, categories, and venue. Please submit the best work in the following preliminary categories.

(Line 1: Title of work) (Line 2: Name of author to nominate) (Line 3: URL of work)

  • Entries can be articles or videos.
  • For editing in a video work related to games.
  • For performance as a host, sidekick, or character in a video.
  • Photo gallery or video required.
  • Photo gallery or video required.
  • For video work with strong visual impact through graphics, props, scenery, lighting, or camera techniques.
  • For work in journalism.
  • Additional links or qualifying materials may be needed from you.