PAX South War of Awards 2015

Game nominations were announced at PAX South. Whips formed groups based on support for each nominee in the Bobcat Theatre 10am Friday January 23.

Speakers: Thomas Allen [President, NAVGTR], Daniela Chunga [Pop Culture Editor, Royal Flush Magazine], Jesse Cox [Co-host, Gamestation podcast], Natalie Casanova [Content Creator, The ZombiUnicorn], Mike Villela [Editor-in-Chief, The Gaming Buddha], Brian Bentley [Writer, COIN-OP.TV], Spencer Campbell [Editor, Hardcore Gamer], Larry Asberry Jr. [CFO, Open Forum Radio]

Agenda: Animation, Technical; Art Direction, Fantasy; Camera Direction in a Game Engine; Control Precision; Costume Design; Game Design, New IP; Song Collection; Performance in a Drama, Lead; Sound Effects; Writing in a Comedy; Writing in a Drama; Game of the Year

Next Appearance: TBA
Download pitch deck: pitch-deckppt-caucus-1x3a

PAX South 2016

PAX East 2013

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