Philosophy and Strategy

Recognize Creative Talent

The public perception of the industry is a key focus for the Academy. We believe that by encouraging more recognition of many of the industry’s talented individuals, the enhanced visibility of these leaders will lead to a greater public appreciation of the medium as an art form, and possibly expand the style and scope of video game marketing over time.

Promote the Art of Games

Dedicated members of the industry and members of the press are stepping forward to recognize the video game achievements that you don’t hear about on the evening news’ entertainment report. Our mission is to bring awareness to this industry so that the public understands the limitless artistry that can come from this interactive medium. Video games are an art form, and our unique award categories reflect just how far that art has come.

In its effort to recognize emerging talent and new ideas, NAVGTR Corp. includes categories for Original Games in addition to the franchise categories. This strategy not only allows the voters of the Academy to recognize and honor a greater variety of products, but also gives original IP a fighting chance against the well-known franchises in a tremendously sequel-driven industry.

Develop New Programs

Events at industry gatherings, Melia Caribe Tropical, and the Hilton Waikoloa Village in Hawaii are currently being planned for 2012-2014, including a sit-down awards ceremony built around Kickstarter campaigns for groups of award categories.

The Academy will also survey its active voters to develop a match-a-reviewer tool for consumers to track critics that share their values, sensibilities, and priorities.

In addition, the Academy will also launch a program to foster the creative development of new writers with the participation of established editors looking for new and qualified voices for outstanding freelance work. The program will culminate in recognition for the most outstanding credentialed, independent, and newcomer reviewers.

Left to right: credentialed, newcomer, independent